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JOHN 3:16

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The John 3:16 Comfort colors T-shirt has a loose fit for any use. The product is made with 6.1 oz and 100% cotton. John 3:16 is the verse known around the world, but it has be dampened by it notoriety, Everyone knows the verse, but do they understand the power it holds? In the beginning God created humans in his image and they turned their backs on him. Since that day of darkness one thing remained true, God's love for his creation. It was not just represented right after the fall of man, but also on a wooden cross. He sent his only son to hang from a cross he didn't deserve, but Jesus did not fight the injustice because his love for you and me meant much more than proving his supreme power. My Favorite part about this shirt is the little imperfection on the star on the right. It reminds us of the grace we constantly receive as imperfect beings.

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