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PSALM 120:6

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The Psalm 120:6 Comfort Colors T-shirt has a loose fit for any use. The product is made with 6.1 oz and 100% cotton. This design is one of my favorites despite its simplicity. Psalm 120 is one of the few psalms not written by David, but by rather an antonymous author. The author talks about how he is tired of living in times of war and just wants peace, however, peace is not always popular in society. There are two outcomes of war, winning and losing. Some people cant stand to lose a war they're passionate about even if it's at the expense of someone else. On the cross who was right and who was wrong? Well from the story, Jesus was unjustly condemned and hung on a cross he didn't deserve, but did Jesus say anything when he was on the cross? Did he find the need to insert the fact he was unjustly accused? No, he didn't.  Isaiah 53:7 says he was oppressed and treated harshly, but he never said a word. Next time a moment of wanting to be right arises, think of Jesus and remember peace is better than fighting an unwinnable war.

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